Our company and its associate / member / group companies do not have any agents or intermediaries representing us for the vacancies that we may have for which we may seek applications from candidates. Further, we do not ask, solicit or accept any money in any form from candidates / job applicants / potential job seekers who have applied or wish to apply to us for jobs. On your selection, you will be required to submit a declaration confirming that you have not paid any commission or fees to any entity or intermediary (who may or may not have claimed to be our representative or acting on our behalf) for being appointed by our organization for any assignment.

HLL Connect

HLL ERP gives you the benefits of working online



Always Up-To-Date

You’re always using the latest
version with automatic


Always Secure

Security system on par with
internet banking ensures
your data is safe with us.


Always Backed Up

Your data is backed up, so if
your computer crashes – your
work doesn’t.


Always Accessible

You can log in from any place
from your computer, mobile
phone or tablet.